Primordial Rhythm

Primordial Rhythm is a new project, the result of a teamwork with Alexander Hornford and Marita Batna (as curator). This “instrument” was devised for and presented at Geelong After Dark, 5 May 2017, that once again gathered at Geelong’s centre thousands of people for the taste of art and the unexpected.

The sculpture reflects on the environment as moving energies, and draws upon the interface between technology and nature. It uses glass as medium to create experience of frequencies through aural, visual and tactile perception.

Thank you to all visitors and participants: we were amazed by opportunities to bring Primordial Rhythm to the night and engage in many conversations that emerged from the work and its interactive experience!

Geelong After Dark  – the city’s own and iconic winter art night – is co-produced by Diversitat and City of Greater Geelong.

Included are some documentation images that provide a glimpse into our project. Alex (electronics artist) and myself enjoyed experimenting with Primordial Rhythm and it made us think about how it might evolve…


It’s just the beginning of an epic night…
Friends Shahad and Rasen are among the first participants to touch and sync with frequencies.
People in the Workshop space surrounding the installation
Installation had to be completed in the Workshop (an office space in the city’s main street) the night before the event.

Alex was the artist behind the sound design and electronics (concealed under the standing platform).
Reflections in the glass.




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